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I'm a multimedia artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area,

but currently residing in Dallas, Texas.

I have been writing, playing, and performing live in bands since I was 14 years old, it is one of my oldest and longest passions. I used to draw but during those music years I did not practice or work on that skill. In 2018 I decided to return to visual art.

My mission is to create great art & to throw the full weight of any victories in that mission toward supporting important causes I care about. At this time, I have decided to partner my music with:

Project Rescue:

a ministry aimed at helping rescue & rehabilitate children abused in sex

trafficking worldwide. 

Foster Care 2 Success:

a non-profit whose mission provide opportunities for other foster youth to pursue their college and post-secondary education & highlight the potential of America's foster youth. This particular organization means a lot to me because I was a recipient of foster care.

& more to come.

90% of any proceeds of my musical efforts are

donated to such causes with 100% transparency available.

Pleased to meet you.

About Me: Bio
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