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1: Is this thing on? 1/12/2023

Hello there, friends, foes, fools,

it's your favorite barely reformed truant and delinquent, space jester, pirate christian, and vigilante theologian extraordinaire.

Firstly, let me wish you the happiest 2023 to you and yours. It could be great if we make the best of our opportunities and make wise, careful decisions.

I am hard at work on many major projects that I hope I will be able to share at the right time. Some were completed last year, but were rescinded. It was a good a rescindication.

I hope you have enjoyed the few singles, many drawings, and paintings I shared last year on my IG: @jonnyrockout as much as I enjoyed making them. Looking For a Lamb and 1985 were tons of fun. I love to spread my wings musically and they were fun expressions of deep feelings for me.

I am busier than ever. 2022 was revolutionary for me, in all honesty. In my secret identity life, I am now in my career field, as well as pursuing further accredations which have been difficult but very fruitful.

The words that got me through 28 years of psychic torture was "stay in the day" because "no one is promised tomorrow"

Those are words we would all do well to heed, indeed.

What is your life but a vapor? A blade of grass? Here today, gone tomorrow.

I pray in 2023 we will do what the Good Book says in our doings before those who observe us and the One who knows us... Daniel 4:13-17

It's all love no matter what,


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